Warehouse REIT plc

Annual report 2018
An active and rapidly growing UK-REIT, Warehouse REIT is focused on becoming the warehouse provider of choice.

The company’s first annual report since their successful IPO on AIM in 2017 introduced its impressive progress on strategy so far, with lively case studies, solid disclosure and accessible graphics appealing to new and existing audiences alike. Its first report was shortlisted among small-cap main market companies at the IR Society’s 2018 Best Practice Awards.

The dynamic asset photography breaks the static, staid stereotype of warehouses and, with the market overview, repositions warehouses as a critical hub for the growing online retail generation.

With lyonsbennett organising a UK-wide photo shoot and providing specialist copywriting, Warehouse was able to focus on beating investor expectations in their first year of listing.

It was a pleasure to work with the lyonsbennett team. They understood the brief, provided some excellent design suggestions and delivered the first annual report in a timely and efficient manner and in line with budget.
Peter Greenslade
Finance Director
Tilstone managing Warehouse REIT plc


IR Society Best Practice Awards
Best Annual Report (Small Cap and AIM) 2018 (Shortlisted)